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Every business faces a certain amount of risks each day. However, there are ways to prevent some kinds of losses or at least lessen the effect they have on your business. Effective Risk Management not only makes your company more efficient, it can insure a brighter and more profitable future. However, some businesses fail to see the importance of managing risks, and may end up paying dearly for this oversight.

Who needs Risk Management?

Every business needs some form of risk management. This includes small home businesses, garages, retail shops, and major corporations that serve an international clientele. Without it, recovery from significant losses could range from extremely difficult to impossible.

Is there a set standard to manage risk? 

If you went to an insurance agent and asked for a set standard to manage risk, it could not be provided, and for good reason. What is considered a risk for one business may not be a major risk factor for another. Naturally, most businesses need basic insurance coverages such as:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation 
  • Building insurance
  • Building contents insurance
  • Equipment coverage
  • Commercial vehicle insurance

Do I really need Risk Management and a Loss Control Consultant?

If you know all there is to know about business and risk management, you may be able to assess all of your business risk factors and take the necessary steps to minimize and deal with risks. However, most people do not have the time or the expertise to do so.  That is why they hire a specialist like Tom Conigliaro at Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors.

Tom has 25 years of experience in Financial Services, Risk Management & Loss Control. With Tom, there is no guesswork involved. He utilizes important risk assessment tools like:

  • Strategic inspections
  • Surveying key management personnel
  • Personnel interviews
  • Team effort from the agency producer, account manager, and commercial lines team

After assessment you'll have a risk management plan based on three important factors.

  • Your goals
  • Financial environment
  • Tolerance for risk

Your risk management professionals will check out your current insurance coverage to see if there are any gaps or inadequacies that could lead to problems in the future. All aspects of your company's risk factors will be evaluated like:

  • Supervisor accountability
  • Fleet management
  • Officers and directors liability
  • Building and structural insurance coverage

Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors is not just a Risk Management provider. We are an independent agency that can draw upon more than 45 A rated insurance companies. You can rest assured that your rates will be among the lowest in the industry for your business. With a Risk Management professional like Tom Conigliaro on your team, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that all areas of your business are protected from losses and this gives you the highest chances for a successful future. 

Tom Conigliaro

Director of Loss Control & Risk Management Services




Tom has an extensive financial services background with 25 years experience in risk management, loss control and commercial & personal insurance. Tom is licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in areas of Property & Casualty, Life...

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