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The beer and wine business is an intricate process and as a result, there are a wide variety of things that can go wrong. In fact, the more issues you insure against, the lower your business risk factors will be. The following story stresses the importance of having Brewery or Winery Insurance that meets all of your business needs.

Sam and his brothers always wanted to brew their own special beer. Sam knew that his beer could be a big hit locally. He had dreams of quitting his factory job and finally doing something that he loved and was passionate about.

It took several years for the men to get all of their money together and obtain financing for their very own micro brewery. They worked very hard to produce a fine product that most people loved and raved about. The brewery was an instant success but Sam made two mistakes when he insured the new brewery:

  • He did not think of all the important things he needed to protect.
  • Sam chose an insurance agent that knew almost nothing about the winery or brewery business and their needs.

Something happened to one of the batches of beer one day and it became contaminated. As a result, several customers became ill and they contacted their lawyers. A rather large lawsuit resulted and Sam didn't realize how important it was to have sufficient product liability insurance, even for the smallest of operations. Needless to say, the lawsuits and settlements were more than enough to bankrupt the business and destroy the dreams and lives of several men in the process.

What is Brewery or Vineyard Insurance?

Whether you are in the wine or beer business, you need to protect all of your interests. This is especially important if you operate a vineyard, as you are at the mercy of Mother Nature sometimes. Business insurance protects you against many common issues that can affect your livelihood and also many uncommon problems that can occur. After all, you may have your entire life savings and future, invested in your business.

Who needs Winery Insurance?

Anyone that runs a business concerning wine or beer needs to have it completely insured. This includes warehouse that store beer or wine products also.

Are there standard policies for Brewery or Vineyard Insurance?

Most businesses have unique needs, so a standard policy is not usually sufficient. However, here are some of the more common inclusions:

Are there many options to consider?

You may have special needs, depending on your business. For example:

  • Farm buildings and equipment - when you produce your own crops like grapes, you need insurance to cover your production investment.
  • Inland marine or cargo insurance - if you take your goods to market or ship them to customers or warehouses, what would you do if they were destroyed in an accident on the highway? This coverage will reimburse you for those losses and is not part of standard commercial vehicle insurance.
  • Extra liability - for instances like product liability, you might want insurance in excess of one million dollars to cover possible lawsuits.
  • Beer or wine leakage
  • Wine or beer contamination
  • Equipment breakdown - if your specialized equipment breaks down, you could be out a great deal of products and money. This coverage helps with these types of unexpected losses.
  • Loss of business - an act of nature or other damages like fire could put you out of business permanently if you are not insured against them. This coverage can keep your business going while you are waiting for repairs.

Do I need an insurance expert for my business?

The answer to this question is an emphatic YES! With so many things to consider, choosing a company like Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors makes a great deal of sense. We have been around over 30 years, serving Pennsylvania individuals and businesses.

It can take a great deal of hard work to find the best Vineyard Insurance policy for your business. In fact, you may not be aware all of the coverage options and which ones you need today. We are not your usual insurance company. We are an independent agency that does business with many different companies (over 45 as of 2015). Our agency does not represent any one company so we are free to check out all the available policies and options and bring them to you. This is the best way to have a special policy that is customized for your business only.

With so many variables in the business world today, you need someone on your team, looking out for your best interests. Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors will be there for you today and far into the future. Pick up the phone and talk to us direct, by dialing 1-866-421-7475.

Sal Maiolatesi, Maiolatesi Wine Cellars, Scott Township, PA

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