The Ransomware Threat To Your Business

| March 15, 2018
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I read some horrifying stories lately about ransomware -- malware that freezes business computer systems until a ransom is paid. Seems that it's very easy to get infected.
So, I'm passing on 5 tips on how to avoid this menace, which has already put some firms out of business.
  • Most importantly, double back-up your data to external drives daily. No matter what happens, you can always get back to this.
  • Always run business security software and keep it updated.
  • Don’t allow employees to connect their devices including smart phones and USB drives to your network. They could already be infected.
  • Email attachments shouldn’t be clicked unless you're 100% sure who they're from.
  • Don't allow employees to use your computers or visit web sites for personal purposes.
Don’t forget that cyber insurance can protect your business financially against ransomware. If you're not already insured, call me to learn more.  
Jim Haggerty is a licensed Commercial Insurance Producer at Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors. Jim attended the Hartford School of Insurance in Hartford, CT and has earned his designation as a Commercial Lines Certified Specialist (CLCS). His primary focus and expertise concerns large commercial accounts throughout Pennsylvania and the nation. 
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