A threat to your health?

| November 01, 2017
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Do you work more than 46 hours a week? If so, yikes! Watch out for your heart health.

Research I saw recently said people who work more than this amount are at much greater risk of heart disease. That's one of many reasons it's vital you strike the right work-life balance.

There's an entire website devoted to this subject -- www.worklifebalance.com. But, according to Forbes Magazine you can start to improve your personal balance quite easily by doing things like:

  • Letting go of your perfectionist tendencies
  • Switching off and unplugging your tech links to the outside world now and then
  • Creating an exercise and/or meditation routine
  • Identifying and eliminating time-wasting activities

The article, which you'll find at http://tinyurl.com/Forbes-balance, also has links to more helpful information.

Knowing you have good health, disability and business disruption insurance is also important to striking that balance. These are things we can talk about at any time. Just give me a call.

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