5 Key Home Fire Safety Tips

| August 06, 2019
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It happens every day, 365 days a year. Insurers, agents and brokers deal with fire injury, damage and death claims.
It's so frustrating when a few basic safety rules would slash the number of injuries and fatalities in the more than 350,000 fires we have in the US every year.
I want to press home a few of those points because I don’t want you to become one of those statistics. Here are 5 key actions you should take:
  • Have and regularly test smoke alarms in or near most rooms. Replace batteries according to manufacturers' recommendations.
  • Create, share and practice a fire escape plan. You'll find lots of free plan templates online.
  • Don’t overload electrical circuits or use extension cords as a permanent connection. Keep space heaters clear of flammable objects and materials.
  • Don't leave items cooking on a stovetop unattended -- and keep kids out of the kitchen.
  • Don't go back inside a burning home after you escape.
You may already know or use these precautions. If so, well done!
Don’t forget too, the importance of having sufficient homeowners or renters insurance just in case the worst happens. It may be time to review your level of coverage. 
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