Pittston High Value Home Insurance

You've worked hard to accumulate wealth - saved, invested, diversified - and if you are the owner of a high value home, you wouldn't want to see that hard work wash away with inadequate Homeowners Insurance. The simple truth is that high value homes have high value contents; contents that are either not fully covered with a typical policy or are woefully undervalued and thus underinsured.

At Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors we pride ourselves on offering Pittston residents quality High Value Home Insurance. This coverage is designed to protect homes valued at $200,000 or more.

Why Choose Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors High Value Homeowners Insurance?

Coverage limits. That's right, if you were to review any standard Homeowners policy right now, you would probably be shocked at the limit your coverage is set at. Often times, that limit is not enough to pay the full replacement cost of the average American home, let alone a high value home.

Unlike a standard Homeowners policy, High Value Home Insurance also allows you to add a secondary home to the policy along with your primary residence. Here are a few other benefits afforded by High Value Homeowners Insurance that are not included with a typical Homeowners policy:

  • Actual Cash Value replacement of personal property
  • Comprehensive coverage of all covered property
  • Coverage for backup of sewage and drains
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Full cost replacement coverage
  • Increased limits for specialty and other high value items (artwork, silverware, jewelry, etc.)
  • Vandalism and theft at secondary residences
  • And more!

Liability Insurance

Our skilled agents want to protect not just your belongings, but also your reputation, which is why our Liability Insurance includes coverage for libel and slander. We also include coverage for identity theft and medical payments for anyone injured while on your property.

Special Property Protection

A typical Homeowner Policy requires specialty riders to protect your high value items. Our Luxury Home Insurance, however, includes protection for your collections. We can guarantee your antiques, jewelry, furs and artwork will always be in safe hands.

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