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Andrew Bell saved Tilton Self Storage in New Jersey $1500 by switching to Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors!

Security Self Storage in Connecticut was paying $8567 for self storage insurance. By contacting Andrew, Security Self Storage is now paying $4757 on self storage insurance! A 44% savings!

Oak Park Self Storage in Washington reduced their self storage insurance premium by 33% with Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors.

Self Storage Insurance for Your Pennsylvania or Out of State Facility

If you are a self storage owner in Pennsylvania or for that matter anywhere in the country, insurance is one of your most important investments. As an owner operator you have needs that are unique to your area and clientele. In fact, you should have a Self Storage Insurance policy specifically designed to meet your needs now and in the future. Without specialized insurance for your business, you could be just one step away from financial disaster, and here is an example.

Jim and Barbara owned a successful storage business, and although they had a few problems like tenants failing to pay rent and items left abandoned in storage, there were no major issues. For several years, they made a good profit from their business every month. However, a sudden storm swept through the area one night, damaging most of their storage units.

Jim and Barbara had sufficient Public Storage Insurance to cover the losses. They received the funds they needed for repairs. However, they failed to realize the importance of business interruption coverage with their insurance policy. The damages were so significant, it was many months before they could re-open for business. As a result, they didn't have the money to continue making mortgage payments, utility payments, and upkeep for their facility, and they lost the business they dreamed about for 15 years. This problem could have easily been avoided had they contacted an insurance professional with experience in insuring Self-Storage Facilities.



The Importance of Storage Insurance

There are no "one size fits all" policies when it comes to insurance. As the owner of a storage facility, your insurance needs may be different from all the other self storage businesses. You must make sure that your facility, employees, monthly income, and legal rights, are protected at all times.

Who Needs Self-Storage Facility Insurance?

Any business owner that stores possessions for others should consider this coverage. Whether you have separate areas or lockers, mobile storage units or store things out in the open like RV's or boats, it is vital to protect your interests.

What Are Some of the Standard Policy Provisions?

When you take out a Self Storage Insurance policy, you may receive the following coverage:

  • Legal liability for customer's goods - this protects you, should items in your facility become damaged, lost, or stolen. This includes costs to defend your case in court.
  • Legal liability concerning the disposal and sale of customer goods - When someone fails to pay rent or abandons property, you have the legal right to sell those things in most states after 30 days, (with proper notice according to state statutes). However, things can go wrong during the process and items may become damaged and there may be disputes with customers. This type of coverage protects you against legal claims made by customers.

Additional Coverage

Because you own a business, you need protection the same as any other local business. For example:

  • Loss of income
  • General Liability Insurance - covers issues like personal injury and negligence
  • Employee insurance - if you have several employees you may wish to offer Workers compensation benefits
  • Fire Department service charges - some fire departments may charge for services to businesses
  • Removal of toxic materials
  • Landscape - you might have trees, bushes, or other landscape items that can become damaged.
  • Umbrella policy - covers a large number of legal liability issues, not normally covered in standard business liability policies.

The Benefits of Insurance Specialists

If you want the get the best Self Storage Insurance for your business, and the lowest possible rates, consider an independent agency that specializes in storage facilities. Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors have been serving Northeastern Pennsylvania for more than 30 years. We are not a cold and impersonal large corporation. We are here to establish a close working relationship with you and we have access to many different insurers, because we are an independent agency. This gives you the best possible Self-Storage Facility Insurance policy for your business.

Joyce, Jackman & Bell Insurors is not just here to sell you a policy. We are there to help you with your needs now and far into the future. Many of our customers are saving hundreds of dollars on their insurance, because we have access to more than 45 A-rated insurance companies, and 11 different programs for storage facilities. With the help of advanced technology, we can provide you with policy quotes, policy changes, and claims service, quickly and efficiently.

Maybe you think you have sufficient Public Storage Insurance for your business. However, you must be sure that your coverage is up to date, if you want to avoid disaster. It's easy to receive a free account review. Call us at 866-421-7475, today.

Here's what some of our clients are saying:

"My needs are filled when something comes up. Andrew keeps the price down while maintaining great insurance coverage for me."

John Cioroch, Bedford Mini Storage

"I feel like Andrew Bell really cares about me. He gets me the right coverage at the best cost!"

Steve Inman, AAA Mini Storage

"Organizations always say they are working for the customer, but this one really does. Everyone with whom I have had contact at this organization has given me superlative service; however, my agent, Andrew Bell, deserves special mention. First, he is the most knowledgeable insurance agent with whom I have worked over many years in business and, secondly, in the course of our four year relationship he has reduced my premium from $1,813 to $1,230 and again this year to $959 for a net savings of 47% or $583 from my original premium amount. And if that wasn't enough, he increased my business insurance protection. Now THAT is customer service!"

Pamela Pride, Montana Self Storage

"For the first time since 1995, my premium dropped instead of increasing. I have Andrew Bell to thank for that."

Paul Caldwell, Route 819 Mini Storage

"I was very pleased with the friendly, courteous service which I received. When I inquired about coverage, I was impressed with the quick response in finding the coverage we needed. Our policy was explained in detail and all my questions were answered. "

Sandra Ross, Crown Point Storage

"Andrew Bell calls us personally when our insurance is set to renew. He explains our coverages, asks about new changes and let's us know what options we have. He is excellent to work with."

Ruth & Linden Knapp, Express Storage

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